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Drinks That Are Harmful to the Teeth

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Evan
Drinks That Are Harmful to the TeethMany of us consume a variety of foods without taking their side effects and the possible health risks that they come with into consideration.

For instance, there are so many drinks that we consume on a daily basis for many reasons, such as enjoyment or relaxation, but as enjoyable as they may be, there are extremely harmful for your teeth.

Take a look at drinks that are highly damaging for your teeth and gums, and try to limit their consumption as much as possible.


While most wines contain strong stain-causing dyes, there's one in particular that stains your teeth in the worst ways possible, which is a red dye. If you drink red wine regularly, you should know that it's really harmful to the teeth and cause serious tooth discoloration.

Tea and Coffee

Most people begin their day with tea and coffee, but again, both beverages contain dyes that can build up on your teeth by latching on to the enamel, thereby leading to teeth discoloration.

While we all need our daily caffeine dose, it's best to avoid or at least limit the consumption of both these beverages.

Fruit Juice

Many fruits contain acids that can adversely affect the teeth, but fruit juices contain even a higher concentration of acids as well as additives that can damage the teeth.

Sugary Drinks

As delicious as sugary drinks might be, they contain a lot of sugar, which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth. When the bacteria come into contact with acids in the sugar drinks, they produce harmful acids that can cause enamel erosion, tooth decay, and even the possible loss of your teeth.

If you have a habit of consuming these drinks regularly, you should get your teeth checked immediately. Call us at (360) 514-9212 to book an appointment with Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS who will suggest you the right treatment methods.
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