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Complete Dentures Vancouver WA

Removable Dentures

Complete dentures aim to restore the dentition of an individual who has lost all teeth after injuries or extractions. Full dentures are the most cost-effective way to restore complete dentition to a patient’s mouth, but better methods are available nowadays.

What is a Complete Denture?

A complete denture is usually made with an acrylic base. The acrylic color matches the color of the individual’s gums and can resemble normal dentition this way. The teeth used on the denture can be made from acrylic or porcelain. Porcelain is stronger and more durable than acrylic.

Complete dentures are removable. Patients should place them in a glass of water every night before going to bed after removing them. Patients should not sleep with complete dentures.

You can visit our practice for a consultation to see if a complete denture is the best option.

Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS will examine you and let you know if it is the right treatment option for you.

Advantages of Complete Dentures

The main advantage of a complete denture with an acrylic base is that they are very cost-effective. You can get a complete denture for a fraction of the cost of an implant-supported denture or even a single implant.

Other than that, the complete denture can easily be removed. So if it becomes bothersome after a while, the individual can easily remove it and see the cause of the issue. Fixed teeth structures do not offer this advantage.

Lastly, a complete denture helps to restore the aesthetics of the face of an individual. They can get their confidence back because their dentition will be restored. The acrylic plate of the teeth is the color of the gums, so it is difficult to tell at a glance that it is a denture.

Alternates to Complete Dentures

There are alternatives available in addition to complete dentures. For example, the All-on-4® Treatment Concept is an implant-supported complete denture that remains fixed in the oral cavity. Even bridges are used in place of complete dentures.

When a person only has one or two teeth remaining in their oral cavity, the dentist often recommends a tooth extraction, after which they can get a complete denture. If the patient only has a few teeth missing, they can choose a partial denture or even a dental bridge. A dental bridge can even be used if the individual is missing one tooth or even opt for a dental implant.

It is important to have a healthy bone structure to get a complete denture or for the dentist to prescribe any artificial tooth structure.

A complete denture is the most cost-effective way to restore your dentition and is still commonly used worldwide, even though other alternatives are available. To see if a complete denture is a right option for you, visit us at Thurston Oaks Dental or book an appointment by calling (360) 514-9212.
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