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Dental Crown Vancouver WA

Crowns & Bridgework

Importance of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are popular for both functional and cosmetic dentistry. This procedure has many versatile uses and benefits. Lasting forever, a dental crown is the best choice for long-lasting dental structural protection and function.

Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS at Thurston Oaks Dental will ensure your teeth look immaculate with their new crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers a weak or damaged tooth. These are completely customized according to your exact tooth size and requirements by certified high-quality dental labs.

After an initial evaluation, you may need to get a crown on its own or alongside other dental procedures. These crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic.

The evaluation will be best done by Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS, who will first examine the condition of your teeth and conclude what solution would be the best for you.

Reasons for a Dental Crown

Here are some situations where you will need to get a dental crown. Sometimes you only need the dental crown. Other times, you need the dental crown along with some other dental procedure.

•  Dental crown to secure a dental bridge
•  Dental crown to finish a root canal procedure
•  Dental crown to top a dental implant
•  Dental crown for cosmetic restoration

Dental Crown for Dental Bridge

While there’s not much of a difference in caring for dental bridges with implants, here are a few recommendations you should keep in mind.

Dental Crown for Dental Implant

A dental crown is often used to cover a dental implant. Now, if you learn that you need a dental extraction, don’t worry. You won’t feel the difference with a metal, porcelain, resin, or pressed ceramic crown.

The dental crown would look and perform exactly like natural teeth. In fact, they may do so even better.

Dental Crown for Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a structure made for dental restoration. It fills the gap of missing teeth. A dental bridge needs something to hold it in place.

A dental crown is added to both sides of the missing tooth or teeth filled with the bridge. It’s like getting two regular crowns, except you fill a gap or several gaps left by missing teeth. This technique is often applied when people lose teeth in an accident.

What Happens During a Dental Crown Dental Exam?

After an exam, Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS at Thurston Oaks Dental will provide you with comprehensive options regarding your crown requirements.

Whether you need a dental bridge, dental implant, or a crown for cosmetic reasons, Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS will tell you every essential detail and guide you through the process.

The process will require two visits. One where your tooth is filed down to make room for the crown. An impression of the remaining dental structure is sent to the lab for the customized crown, while a temporary crown is glued.

Once the customized dental crown is prepared, the temporary one is removed, and the permanent one is cemented in place.

Contact Us for a Consultation Today

If you’re facing problems with your dental crowns or are planning to get the procedure, schedule an appointment with Alan Snodgrass, DDS and Jake Farmer, DDS today. They can examine your oral health, identify the best possible solutions for your concerns, and implement the right procedure to ease your worries and restore your smile.

Call Thurston Oaks Dental at (360) 514-9212 to schedule an appointment, and let us help you start smiling with confidence again.
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