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Dental X-Rays Vancouver WA

Digital Dental X-Rays at Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver, WAAs times change, so do dental services. One of the most modern technology advances is the digital x-ray equipment. At Thurston Oaks Dental, we have the equipment that will make taking your dental x-rays safer and an easier process.


You may not want to have traditional dental x-rays done for safety reasons. Dr. Farmer can explain the entire process of dental x-rays, which do not use dangerous amounts of radiation. Digital x-rays use lower radiation than that of a traditional film x-ray. In fact, studies show that digital x-rays will use less radiation, up to 90 percent less, in comparison to a traditional x-ray. Another reason you may not want to take dental x-rays is to preserve the environment. You will be happy to know digital x-rays do not hurt the environment.

The Process

The images of your teeth are still captured using a film, but the digital x-ray process is different. Once the sensor is placed inside of your mouth, you will still bite down on the film, but that is the only similarity between a digital x-ray and a traditional film x-ray. The digital sensor produces an image instantly, because it is connected to a computer. Unlike a traditional x-ray, the digital x-ray has a digital sensor that allows Dr. Farmer to view the image on the screen instantly.

The quality of the image is better, in both size and picture. The images of your teeth can be resized, unlike the images from a traditional film x-ray. If we need to enlarge a picture, we can do so easily on the digital screen. We can also adjust the brightness of the image, in addition to the color. We can print copies of the digital x-ray images out for you as well.

Less Time

The digital x-ray process is simple, and not only safe, but it takes less time than traditional film x-rays. With traditional film x-rays, you had to wait for a long period of time to have the film developed, but that is not the case with digital x-rays. The image of your teeth is developed almost instantly, and it will show up on the screen for both you and Dr. Farmer to review. Thanks to digital x-rays, your appointment time is shortened, and the procedure is safe for you and the environment.

Transferring Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays can be transferred to other dentists and specialists by our office. We no longer need to copy files and place them in the mail, which will take days before they reach another office for review. If we need to send your digital x-rays out to a specialists or another office, at your request, we can do so through email. This allows you to get a second opinion, without a lot of hassle or a long waiting time.

Digital X-Rays at Our Dental Office

Our office uses digital x-ray technology. Radiation is reduced by 75% while providing high quality images required by our standards for diagnosis.

Our computer software is equipped with Logicon®System. This system scans between teeth for changes in density allowing for more accurate determination of necessary treatment. Detection of small amounts of decay can be conservatively treated with fluoride.

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If you want to learn more about the digital x-ray process, Contact Us today. Our staff will answer any questions or concerns you may have about this great technology.
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At Thurston Oaks Dental, we have the equipment that will make taking your dental x-rays safer and an easier process. To learn more, give our office a call!
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