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Previsor gum health risk assessment.Dr. Alan Snodgrass is now using the Previsor™ periodontal risk assessment program, which allows us to see if your mouth is really healthy.

What is Previsor?

Previsor is a web-based program that allows us to use data of yours that we have already collected, and we then compare it to generate a numerical score.

How Does it Work?

Each time you visit our office, we update your data – even for cleaning appointments. We compare your data to determine if it is improving, or if the gum health is worsening. This program is a great way for us to take your data and predict if you will face any risks in the future, and if you will, the program can help us develop the best treatment or therapies to restore health.


This process is safe and convenient. Our computers have this program installed, so once we create your record, all of your data is entered into the program. Your data includes your dental records, and habits you may have, such as smoking. Once we enter the data from your current visit, it will be transmitted over the internet to the Previsor servers. We will wait for a moment, and then a report will be generated for Dr. Snodgrass to print out and explain to you. This process should not take more than a few minutes each time it is done.

The Analysis

The information on the report will give us a better understanding of what risks your teeth can face. If you are a smoker, Previsor compares your dental records to those of the average smoker. We will then receive a report that tells us the possible risks you can face if you continue to smoke, or if you do not cut down on your smoking. Before this program, you might have thought you were not at risk for smoking and other characteristics, but because of the software, we can compare the data to determine if you are in fact at risk.

There are various characteristics that we will look for, include:

•  Bone Lesions
•  Diabetes
•  Bone Heights
•  Oral Hygiene
•  Pocket Depth
•  Calcium in Pocket
•  and more&hellip

Contact Us

To learn more about Previsor, contact our office. Dr. Snodgrass and our staff will go over the Previsor software, and answer any concerns or questions you may have.

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Thurston Oaks Dental    4305 NE Thurston Way, Suite A, Vancouver, WA 98662    (360) 514-9212

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