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Teeth Whitening Vancouver WA

Tooth whitening can help restore discolored teeth and boost your confidence. While there are different ways you can whiten your teeth at home, most of these DIY methods are not very effective. If you want to improve how your teeth look, consider getting professional teeth whitening. We provide in-office zoom whitening services in Vancouver to brighten your smile and give you that extra confidence boost.

What Does Professional Teeth Whitening Entail?

Our tooth whitening process is designed to get rid of stains and discoloration. Your teeth can become stained due to the natural wearing of the enamel or lifestyle habits such as tobacco use.

Our Vancouver dentist will first apply a protective gel or dental dam over your gums. We will then apply a whitening agent to your teeth. Most tooth-whitening chemicals break down stains and discolorations at the molecular level. They are activated by a special laser or LED light. The entire process usually takes around an hour, although you might need one to three sessions depending on the level of discoloration.

Tooth Whitening Aftercare

It is normal to experience slight sensitivity and gum irritation after a tooth whitening procedure. Fortunately, these uncomfortable side effects can subside within a week. Brushing your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush and sensitivity toothpaste can help ease any discomfort you experience after the procedure.

Remember to keep up with your oral hygiene routine, including flossing. This helps to maintain those bright results. Also, avoid beverages that might stain your teeth, such as wine, tea, and coffee. When you indulge in staining substances, make it a habit to drink water and rinse your mouth afterward. This will minimize the impact of potential stains and keep your teeth looking fresh. Water also contributes to overall oral health by promoting saliva production and maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

Risk Factors Associated with Teeth Whitening

A tooth whitening procedure can give you a brilliant smile but has some potential risks. One major factor is tooth sensitivity. During and after teeth bleaching, your teeth may become sensitive to extreme temperatures. The sensitivity often subsides within a few days but can be uncomfortable. Consider using sensitive toothpaste, and avoid extreme temperature changes.

Another side effect is gum irritation. If the teeth-whitening chemicals come into contact with your gums, they can cause temporary irritation or mild chemical burns. Having our specialist handle the whitening process is crucial to minimize these risks and protect your gums.

Overusing at-home whitening products can also lead to enamel damage or uneven results. Always follow aftercare recommendations and avoid going overboard with the treatments.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Vancouver WA

Getting a teeth whitening procedure is a small price to pay for the confidence boost it provides. If you are ready to restore your smile with our cosmetic dentistry services, visit us at Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver. Alternatively, you can contact us at (360) 514-9212 to schedule an appointment. Our teeth whitening solutions are less invasive and are designed to remove all kinds of stains.

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